Al King here. I play drums, live for Rock n Roll, go on adventures and meet cool and interesting people along the way. I’ll tell ya, show ya and influence ya here. As of today Jan. 11 2010, I’m working hard promoting Gorevette's debut record release titled "The Lustfully Yours EP". Gorevette is one of the bands I play drums in.

Started in 2009, Gorevette includes the fabulous Nikki Corvette on lead vocals, Amy and Lianna Gore from Detroit's sensational rock outfit and internationally known Gore Gore Girls, "The Sisters Falcon"; Amy on lead guitar and Lianna down low with the bass. Both girls on Gretch white n gold Falcons.

I’ve also played drums with Michigan rock legends such as Scott Morgan, Mitch Ryder, Deniz Tek (of Radio Birdman).

I currently drum with Gorevette, Powertrane, and Mazinga just to mention a few…


Stay tuned here for more. Over and out.



Fast Film said...

Thanks to the influence of Retrokimmer and Machinegun, I have included many more shots of drummers in my portfolio of 40 years of music photography that I plan to turn into a book.

AL KING said...

Cool, these are good people to know.

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