Smeared Kiss

"Going down to the Magic Stick last weekend to do a photo shoot for the cover of this weeks real detroit weekly with Gorevette was super fun. When we arrived photographer Joe Gall was there to greet us and go over his festive concepts. Since the magzines shoot is to promote bands playing there 11 year b-day bash, there were wraped presents, cupcakes and candy used as props.

As Joe led us into the shoot he introduced us to all the crew, extras and wardrobe. In wardrobe Angela had enough spandex to outfit the whole sunset sceen of the 1980's. Although her offer to outfit us was kind and tempting,

Gorevette is more of a lipstick n leather band. I did see the satin peaches took full advantage of the spandex in there cover shot though. After Joe got the shot he wanted we packed up and said hi and bye to Tony and Danny from the Muggs as they were getting ready for Joe to shoot them next. Im really looking forward to playing the Real Detroit B-Day Bash at the Magic Stick Gorevette goes on @ 11:45 right before I.C.P. "

Fun Stuff Al King February 19 at 10:13am

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Gorevette's Super-Sexy Sonic Embrace

Gorevette had to invent a genre to describe their high-intensity, energetic blend of garage rock, bubblegum pop and hip-shaking swagger. Guitarist Amy Gore calls it “Lipstickabilly.”

Introduced at a Gore Gore Girls show in Los Angeles, Gore teamed up with singer Nikki Corvette in 2006. The situation progressed from songwriting to: "Wow, we’re in a band with this awesome name!" They then added Al King on drums and Lianna Castillo on bass.

With a debut EP, Lustfully Yours, ready to rock, the girls are gearing up for world conquest. Says Gore, “New jams are on the horizon, and we’re really excited to play Japan this spring.”

Before they take off, they’re bringing their supersonic punk party to the Alley Stage with a performance guaranteed to have people dancing in the aisles … err, lanes. “Amy, Al and Lianna are intensely rockin’ and I just sing, dance, flirt and have fun," says Corvette.

“I have a case of guitar-face,” Gore explains. “Lianna snarls at the crowd, and Al just rocks it. I’m not sure how playing on the lanes at the Garden Bowl is going to work. We’ve not done that before! I hope people keep their balls under control.” RDW

Gorevette is much too fast for The Alley stage at the Majestic Theater Complex • 2/27, 11:45 p.m. • gorevette.com • Birthday Break tix $10


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