Ann Arbor Rock-n-Roll Revival 2009...

Al and Chris

Chris Taylor has made his Rock-n-Roll dreams come true time and time again. Back in 2000, he emailed one of his favorite guitarists, Deniz Tek, out of the blue and asked him if he wanted to play a rock show. Surprisingly, Tek said sure, when and where?

Deniz Tek and Chris Taylor

Deniz Tek and The Epiphone

I wish I could have seen Chris' face when he got that response, because so many people whom either Chris or myself have asked to play want way too much money just to leave the house! Not Deniz Tek, though. He is ready to catch the next flight to Detroit whenever he gets the chance. That guy lives to play his Epiphone guitar he bought from the late great Fred “Sonic" Smith.

Dennis Machinegun Thompson and Kimmer (Louder Than Love Set)

Fast forward to 2009 when Chris and I met Kim Maki the blogger/promoter Retro: Kimmer and one of her good friends and client, drummer, writer lecturer, Dennis"Machinegun"Thompson.

Then one day, Chris and I were talking over a smoke...What if we could put Deniz Tek and Machinegun on the same stage again and call it a “Rock-n-Roll Revival Meeting”? So that’s exactly what we did, got in touch with Deniz Tek, and then he lined up his great friend Machinegun and away we went booking the bands and venue. Kimmer jumped in to help promote the event.

The Blind Pig


The Blind Pig was chosen as the venue for the Revival. We put our band Mazinga on the bill not only because we fit musically, but in all the years Chris has known Tek, Mazinga has never been on the same bill.

Nikki Corvette said she would be honored to be on the bill and would play for free (now how non rockstar is that???) so I made a call and Gorevette's on the bill. At this point, I’m getting busier and busier since I play drums for both Mazinga and Gorevette.

Al King Deniz Tek Chris Taylor

Unfortunately, Machinegun had to drop out of the gig Stanley T. Madhatter filled in at the last minute. You know what they say, "the show must go on” so I got a jingle from Chris asking if I would play drums in Machinegun’s place. Those are big shoes to fill but I’m never afraid of a challenge so of course I agreed to play!

I wasn’t too worried since the set list consisted of Radio Birdman and Sonic's Rendevous songs that I’ve been playing for years with both Scott Morgan and Deniz Tek. Deniz flew in, we all practiced and everything just came together.

Eric Pouille Photo

The night of the show I was excited to see the Blind Pig filling up early. By 10:30 the place was packed and Mazinga took the stage. We blasted through originals such as “Johnny Was a Robot” “Open the Blast Doors”, “547” and closed the set with the MC5’s “Lookin’ at You”.

The ladies of Gorevette and I took the stage and played everything off our debut record (due out 1-26-10) as well as some kick ass numbers from Nikki Corvette’s arsenal of songs. Next, Scott Morgan and the Rationals played soul tunes that are sure to make anyone feel the groove. I got a little break to catch my breath from drumming in the first 2 bands while the Rationals played.

The final act was a collaboration of songs that were organically grown right here in our backyard. Performed by Deniz Tek(Radio Birdman), Hiawatha (Cult Heroes), Rob King(Destroy All Monsters), Eric Pouille(Holy Curse), Scott Morgan, Chris Taylor and myself. Here is a copy of the set list.

Over all, it was a great night spent with fellow friends of Rock-n-Roll. It was my honor and pleasure to play drums with all the outstanding musicians who participated in the Ann Arbor Rock-n-Roll Revival Meeting. Looking forward to the next meeting.

Good Times



Fast Film said...

I very much enjoyed your account of this event. Nothing beats a "you are there" report from a participant!

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